What kind of work/role are you looking for?

I’m interested in a Tech Team Lead/Senior Software Engineer type role in some sort of internet company, using Javascript (ES6) both in front end (React/Redux) and backend. (Express/Node.js)

What size company? Me and Billy-Bob are working in a shed.

That sounds great! Where do I sign up? :)

Seriously I'm looking for a small startup, a bunch of technically minded people who have vision, passion and strong determination (translate: can hustle) to build something great. If you have an opening for a co-founder role, that would be ideal.

What kind of technologies are you focused on?

Please review my resume, but in summary my history has been all things internet and generally full stack development.

I've predominately moved to Javascript (ES6) for most things and although I have experience in core Javascript (including JQuery/AJAX/D3.js etc), my go-to stack (to avoid spagetti code) is now React/Redux talking to a Express.js backend.

I'm familiar with HTML/SASS/CSS (for responsive designs), have used Bootstrap but lean towards Semantic-UI (the React flavour) for basic design prototyping.

Am very familiar with RDMS databases (MySQL/Postgres etc) as well as NoSQL solutions (Redis/RethinkDB and some MongoDB).

Also leveraging a little Go (golang) for backend batch processing where performance matters.

Hmm.. I might be interested, but do you have a resume? I want to make sure you're not a fruitcake?

I love fruitcake!.. but sure, here's my Resume or LinkedIn profile.

You sound a little strange. I don't think you're American?

You're right. I'm English (Green card holder, permanent resident). I would describe my humour as 'dry'.