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I am passionate about technology and delivering solutions in a user-intuitive, simplified manner.

I like to interact with non-technologists, to think as they do and understand their requirements to create better products.

I like to monitor up-and-coming technologies and evaluate their suitability to the system. I enjoy the challenge of learning new technologies and skills to get things done. I have team-lead experience and enjoy mentoring juniors in design and best practices.

I try to leverage open source technologies rather than recreate the wheel, especially when it improves developer productivity and time to market.

I am innovative, enjoy a challenge, work hard under pressure and recognize the need to create professional software to a high standard.

I am a friendly, outgoing person, who enjoys working as part of a team but am well motivated to work on my own.


  • React, Redux, ImmutableJS
  • Express, Nodejs
  • Javascript (ES6/Babel), Webpack
  • HTML5, CSS3, Sass
  • MySQL, Postgres, RethinkDB, Redis, MongoDB
  • Ruby on Rails, some GoLang
  • Ajax, JQuery, D3.js
  • AWS Tech (EC2, EBS, S3, Lambda etc)
  • plus lots of other technologies like Java, XML, XSLT

Get.Stuff.Done. Startup attitude and drive.


BSc Computer Science (Hons), Kingston University (London, UK)


Freelance Software Engineer (Consultant)
2009 - Present | Remote

Providing web engineers/consultancy to companies.

Work on a variety of technologies:

  • React/Redux
  • Nodejs/Express
  • Ruby on Rails
  • SQL (MySQL/Postgres) or NoSQL(Redis, MongoDB)
  • Webpack/Git
Under Armour
Full Stack Software Developer (Consultant via TwinTechs)
Aug 2017 - Dec 2017 | Remote to Baltimore, MD

Worked in their four tier service oriented architecture platform (all in javascript). Messages are streamed using Kafka to their architected microservices platform (Docker and Kubernetes).

Principal tech/architecture used: React, Javascript (ES6), CSS/Sass, Node RESTful microservices using grpc/protobuf. Docker and Kubernetes, Kafka bus.

Senior Web Developer (Consultant, part time)
Aug 2016 - Dec 2017 | Boulder, CO (Remote)

Ongoing help (part-time) with their corporate website. Jekyll, RubyRails, Javascript/JQuery/Sass.

Some engineering in golang, projects in AWS Lambda.

Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Sep 2016 - Nov 2016 | Denver, CO

Brought in to bootstrap software for their external client (niolabs.com). Coached both SpireDigital and their client engineers in this new technology stack.

Principal tech/architecture used: React, Redux, ImmutableJS, Javascript (ES6/Babel), Webpack, Sass.

Founder - CTO
May 2015 - May 2016 | Denver, CO

YesYesGo goal is to tackle the immigration space, by building tools that make the transition simple, safe and successful.

  • Worked with fellow co-founders to brainstorm product idea and built MVPs
  • Responsible for all technology, architecture and dev-ops
  • Pitched (informally) to prospective investors about YYG value proposition

Principal tech/architecture used: React.js (SPA), Node.js/Express.js, RethinkDB (noSQL datastore), some React Native (for iOS/Android app prototyping analysis), Javascript, SaSS.

Software Jedi Master / Senior Web Developer
Mar 2014 - Apr 2015 | Denver, CO (Remote to Palo Alto, CA)

Kyron's vision is to process a huge quantity of medical records and using advanced data mining techniques, radically disrupt healthcare (for the better). VB article here.

Report directly to the founders and help convert their vision into a living product.

Responsible for all front-end architectures and implementation of data visualization of results. Implemented main corporate web site (Jekyll, Sass).

Principal tech/architecture used: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Redis, D3.js (for fancy interactive graphs), Javascript, JQuery, general SOA design.

Investigations/planning for post-prototype, next generation architecture: Node.js, React.js, Angular.js.

Collabrx, Inc
Rails Senior Software Engineer. (Consultancy)
May 2010 - Feb 2014 | Denver, CO (Remote to Palo Alto, CA)

"CollabRx provides a framework to categorize the molecular subtypes of cancer based on the genetic profile of the tumor, and more importantly link specific subtypes to relevant treatments and ultimately patient clinical outcomes to drive the science and medicine forward."

Advising/brainstorming with the CTO on technology solutions/directions.

Engineered the public facing Rails code/infrastructure which supports patients as well as biologists/physicians for 4 cancers.

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Created automated imports of semantic biological data into the app.

Designed and control systems, to allow in house biologists to control application flow and displayable content without engineering involvement.

Created validation reports to provide warnings on incorrect data entered by biologists.

Oct 2009 - Jun 2010 | Palo Alto, CA

CTO and responsible for the design/engineering and infrastructure/system administration of the site.

Consult with the founders and bring their vision to reality.

Provide product ideas/direction to help steer the product to gain traction and increase user stickiness.

Senior Software Engineer
Nov 2007 - Dec 2008 | Sunnyvale, CA

Senior software engineer using Ruby on Rails.

Major projects include the integrating of the open source SOLR search engine, internationalizing (i18n) the product as well as development of the Content Safety classification system.

Rails features/bug fixes, HTML/CSS design, database design/development.

Senior Software Engineer
Jan 2006 - Nov 2007 | Mibrae, CA

Senior developer at this startup that provides product-review technology to merchants.

Involved in all areas of product development from front-end HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ajax to JSP, Servlets and back-end database design.

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Re-architected and built the in-house templating system to a modern XML/XSLT approach and pushed for the adoption of CSS for layout and display.

Implemented a merchant reporting system based on JFree.

Designed and built internationalization (i18n) support in the product.

Developed an Ajax tag suggestion system and pushed for the adoption of automated JUnit test suites.

Fitch Ratings
Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Apr 2005 - Sep 2005 | New York, NY

Short term contract.

Created a Java Swing based application for the manipulation of the data in the RCSA database using Hibernate for OR Mapping to Oracle/Sybase.

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Extended functionality of their multi-tiered J2EE application (Weblogic) using JSP/Struts and in-house Tag-Libraries.

Worked on XSLT templates to transform XML into HTML, a suite of tag libraries to aid front-end designers, a DAO layer to make communication to the database easier and added audit trail capabilities.

Also worked on identifying performance bottlenecks in the product.

UBS Investment Bank
Senior Software Engineer (Consultant)
Apr 2004 - Apr 2005 | New York, NY

Worked for the Riskcube dev team, which loaded positional trade data from front-office systems in Hedge Fund Services, performed risk analysis and generated reports for the Risk managers.

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Used Java and Sybase stored procedures and worked in getting data to load.

Built automatic sanity checking functionality for reporting and data load rejection.

XSLT used for reporting (HTML generation) and Clearcase was used for source code control.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Team Lead / Senior Software Engineer
Jun 2000 - Feb 2004 | New York, NY

Worked for several teams, the last being RADAR, the account management team. Responsible for the team’s deliverables and dealt extensively with other IT teams and business users to understand and develop their requirements and delegate to other team members.

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Technically, RADAR is a Web application implemented using JSP/Taglibs/Struts running on Tomcat. Toplink was used to persist data to Sybase, CVS for source control, and automated builds for early problem identification.

Worked on a wide range of areas, from JSP/Struts to back-end business functionality. Helped resolve performance problems that were frustrating to the users by understanding the processes and streamlining the typical use-cases by the business.

Worked extensively in real-time data translation between different database schemes using Sybase replication functionality.

Before RADAR, worked for the Trades Processing Team on DARTS, a 2-tier application written in C++/Java using Sybase.

UBS Investment Bank
Senior Software Engineer
Jun 1996 - Jun 2000 | Chicago, IL

Worked for several teams. The last was XCOLL, the Global Collateral Management System based in Chicago. It loads trades from front office systems and calculates counterparty margin requirements for collateral managers.

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Worked on both front-end (Swing and HTML Web app) and server processes and dealt extensively with collateral managers to both gather and develop their requirements.

XCOLL is a 3-tier based architecture, having both a Swing and Web front-end communicating via RMI. A custom persistence layer saves data to Sybase.

Was part of the Java Technology Working Group (steering committee), which decided global Java technical solutions. Supervised and coached junior members.

Prior to XCOLL, worked in London for COLLAT, the collateral management team before the UBS/Swissbank merger. Written in C/C++ with an Oracle database.

Investment Intelligence Systems Corp
Software Engineer
Jun 1995 - Jun 1996 | London, UK

Developer for the Wingz spreadsheet development environment, which allows the creation of mini applications (similar to VBA).